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08:00 – 08:45

Opening Plenary - Localizing multi-stakeholder coordinated actions for fighting plastic pollution

09:00 - 10:15

The session will demonstrate coordinated policies, technologies, research and innovation, business practices, and behavioural change actions and initiatives from national and local government, businesses, communities and youth – promoting local solutions to plastic pollution.

Day 3 MC:



Coffee break

10:15 – 10.45

Plenary session - Leading at the local level: Youth and community solutions

10.45 - 12:15

This session will focus on community-based awareness-raising efforts, advocacy, innovations, and the application of science and grass-root knowledge. The session will seek solutions through the actions of communities – particularly youth – and show how these play an essential role in circular economy approaches for plastic waste management.




12:15 – 13:15

Plenary Session - Valuing waste: Business solutions

13:15 - 14:45

This session will look at two streams to find value in waste: (1) Recovering and utilizing material and energy value to reduce waste – including opportunities for public-private collaboration, and; (2) Managing waste through focusing on resource efficiency and developing alternatives to conventional waste management systems.



Coffee break


Plenary session – Localizing transformation: National and local government solutions

15:15 - 16:45

Discussion in this session will focus on national and municipal authorities which are championing change and demonstrating policy innovations to tackle plastic waste. Discussants will consider how the private sector and civil society can work together with national and local governemnt to localize plastic pollution solutions.



Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards 2019

17.15 - 20:00

The Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards publicly recognize and celebrate excellence in enforcement by government officials and institutions or teams combating transboundary environmental crime. The Awards are given to individuals or teams that demonstrate excellence and leadership in enforcement of national laws to combat transboundary environmental crim

End of Day 3

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