Day4-session 3

Plenary Session - I want to live forever: Solutions to close the loop for packaging, recycling and e-commerce

13.00 - 14:15

Plastic, as a packaging material, has revolutionized the way we produce, distribute and consume goods and services. It has increased products’ shelf life and offers ease of transport. The packaging industry accounts for 35.9% of global plastic consumption. Most packaging is for single use. There are few incentives to reduce wastage in plastic packaging or to choose more environmentally sound packaging. There is inadequate investment in developing alternative packaging materials. As result, plastic packaging has become an additional burden for already inadequate municipal solid waste management systems.

This session will consider how businesses in the South East Asian region are beginning to respond to the immense challenge of packaging waste by setting their own targets on recycling rates and recycled plastic usage. It will review how governments are implementing policies to eliminate selected plastic items. Other actions to help close the loop include: Design for recyclability for second life / material recycling, material bans / restrictions, policies on alternative packaging, source segregation and separated collection and extended producer responsibility (EPR).



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