Day 3 – Plenary session – Leading at the local level: Youth and community solutions

Plenary session - Leading at the local level: Youth and community solutions

10.45 - 12:15

Communities are an important component in building circularity in the plastic value chain. It is imperative to change collective behaviours and cultures within communities, to reduce plastic consumption and fight plastic pollution.


This session will focus on community-based awareness-raising efforts, advocacy, innovations, and the application of science and grass-root knowledge. The session will seek solutions through the actions of communities – particularly youth – and show how these play an essential role in circular economy approaches for plastic waste management.


Examples of youth and community-led initiatives to drive change at local and policy levels will be highlighted – including the role of environmental education. Examples will include youth-led awareness-raising campaigns, actions in influencing businesses and policymakers, and promotion of entrepreneurship.


The session will showcase the measures that are being advocated by governments and businesses to invest in communities and harness youth action. Discussion will centre on how inclusive these community and youth-oriented actions are – and whether they fully consider how plastic pollution affects various groups in different ways. Discussants will look at ways to translate, replicate and upscale these community and youth solutions into policy-making and business innovations in South East Asia.



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