Money money money!: Solutions to address plastic pollution through finance for innovation and technology

14.15 - 15:30

14:15 – 15:30

Plastic waste management is costly for local and national governments. Basic solid waste management systems covering collection, transport, and sanitary disposal in low-income countries cost US$35 per tonnes at a minimum. Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to US$2.5 trillion a year. There is a significant lack of inclusive financing options, investment, and technology innovations to mainstream alternatives materials to plastic, to improve waste management systems, and to generate more circular business opportunities to reduce plastic wastage throughout the value chain.


This session will identify ways to finance innovations and technology advancement to bring solutions to plastic wastage and marine plastic pollution in South East Asia. In this panel discussion, Discussants will demonstrate how financial investments can accelerate and scale up solutions to marine plastic pollution.




  • How much money do governments and municipal authorities currently invest in managing plastic waste?
  • How can adequate financing be (re)directed to support research and development in material alternatives to plastic?
  • Should businesses be more financially responsible for managing the plastic waste they generate?
  • What exciting new investment opportunities exist in alternative materials innovation and circular economy?
  • How can financing for new technologies and circular business opportunities be generated?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for waste management investments in the region?
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