Parallel session – Towards better data: Monitoring, assessment and related technologies


Parallel session 3 – Towards better data: Monitoring, assessment and related technologies

13:30 – 15:00

Data drives effective policy, business and technological solutions. Defining and prioritizing interventions to address marine plastic litter and tracking their efficacy is, however, undermined by data limitations, including lack of harmonized assessment and monitoring methodologies. Existing data on plastic pollution is often not available to various stakeholders in ready-to-use formats.


This session will focus on finding solutions through better data, including how assessment and monitoring can underpin effective action, and how new technologies can be applied.




  • What are the current gaps in marine plastic data in the region, and how can these gaps be filled?
  • How can data from different sources be harmonized and combined to get a holistic picture at national and the regional level?
  • How can new approaches and technologies help fill existing data gaps and facilitate greater use of good quality, unbiased, and purpose-driven data for better decision-making?
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